Artists agree that RIAA lawsuits do not help them

Another blow to RIAA’s arguments on how the P2P lawsuits are “helping the artists”. Joi Ito covers the story. According to the report, artists are saying that while file-sharing (P2P) of copyrighted materials is illegal (unless there was prior rights given), they believe that the John Doe lawsuits don’t help at all and that the P2P networks aren’t necessarily hurting them.
The PEW study (PDF).

Personal note: I still agree that the Internet has greatly enhanced music as we know it. I believe that while piracy is an issue in P2P networks, it also has given the music itself a greater bounds than just stone and mortar stores. Many less-known artists now have a medium to trial on and gain listeners. The Internet (different types of file sharing) is to blame because of the way it is constructed, but on the flip side, look at iTunes. iPods are one of the biggest contributors back to the music industry on legal downloads and sales. In any case, the only clear-cut case here is that piracy is illegal. There are different ways to approach defeating piracy, of which RIAA has not been promoting (such as education).