AMD PIC could help low-income families gain computer access

AMD’s PIC is a low-cost computer that is aimed at families that make $1000-$6000 annually. Running about 1Ghz with a Geode processor, Samsung 128M RAM, this is great for any linux application. Coming with WindowsCE, it is aimed at the India and Latin America markets, but users have already taken it apart to see if linux can be an alternative.

Personal note: This would help my nonprofit – Phoenix Networks a great deal. This would basically provide low-income families with a linux solution on a very affordable computer. 17″ monitors can run around $50-80 which would put this solution right at the $250-$300 range. With the help of GLUG (Greensboro Linux User Group) and some other volunteers, we could definitely get wireless broadband into low-income family homes for a decent pricing.