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CYBERGUARD Project to present at Weaver Academy

CYBERGUARD Project is a youth education project aimed at bringing the IT field capable individuals who are able to think outside the box, without getting into legal/moral issues such as hacking/piracy/etc. Although it is an anti-piracy, anti-hacking (malicious), and others, it is much more than that. The project seeks to drive a new generation of network security to do things the right way without getting into trouble. Program is still in beta, but Weaver Academy has graciously allowed the Project to be tested there.
UPDATE: Went very well. Was taken by the response I got from the students and teachers. Looking forward to Phase II Integration.

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Kyoto Treaty ratified

The Kyoto Treaty has been ratified and now the US and 55 other industrialized nations have until 2012 to cut up to 5.2% of the six major greenhouse gases. BBC has coverage here.

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How the Senate tries to sneak IPPA right under our noses

Join the Fax Brigade and write to your Congressmen about this!
The Intellectual Property Protection Act is basically an omnibus act that takes all of the current bills for copyright protection and sticks it in one. To quote what was in Engadget:

* The Piracy Deterrence and Education creates a new crime of “offering for distribution,” with jail terms up to five years. Since the crime doesn’t require proof of willfulness, the standard for other copyright crime, people could be prosecuted merely for having 1000 songs in their “share” folders, without intending that they be redistributed.

* The Family Movie Act exempts from copyright or trademark litigation the skipping of portions of movies — but leaves makers and users of commercial-skipping technology open to lawsuits like the one that bankrupted ReplayTV.

* The Fraudulent Online Identity Sanctions Act presumes that anyone who has tried to protect his or her privacy by faking the WHOIS info in a domain name registration is willfully infringing copyright or trademark.

* The PIRATE Act authorizes the Justice Department to step in for entertainment companies to prosecute civil copyright infringement cases.

* An anti-counterfeiting provision would add new dangers to fair use of digital media

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Stealing Neighbor’s WiFi

According to an article linked from WifiNetNews, Paul Boutin says that the FCC has said that they’re not “aware” (keyword is aware) of any federal or state laws that prohibit from logining onto an open network.

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Gates probably the most spammed person in the world?

This just came by the news.com.au that Bill Gates could possibly be the most spammed person in the world averaging 4 million per day.

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Misguided media on WiFi

Interestingly, there was an article today on WiFi on CNN. Scary how media picks up on the fact that WEP is “flawed” after at least over a year of coverage on the fact that WEP can be cracked. What’s amusing is that they don’t say anything about WPA. Take a look at WiFiNetnews on Nov. 5th here. Hmm. Crackable WPA? Wow.

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GOP backs Tom Delay

In the CNN article, GOP party members voted to appoint a select few to determine if an indicted GOP leader should step down from the leadership role. This comes after three of Delay’s political colleagues were indicted for state political corruption.

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Hitachi table top display

How cool is this?
Now they just need to make it cheaper…

High School students find the miracle of Pot Hole Fixin.

High school students in the Boston area have designed a pothole predictor called the “Road Iron”.

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Goodbye TiVo?

Congress is trying to pass a law that makes it illegal to skip commercials/previews and the like by any software or hardware means. Yes, this means that skipping those commercials/previews with your DVD player, VHS player, or TiVo will constitute being illegal. If you don’t like this, I suggest you write to your Congressmen.