Microsoft BSODs UK National Health Service

Interesting. 7 upgrades from Microsoft 2000 to Microsoft XP failed. This caused over 60,000 other Windows computers to BSOD. Slashdot covers this story.

Truthfully, there is no remorse except for the taxpayers for that 500 million contract by the National Health Service (UK). Most government IT staff I’ve ever dealt with usually don’t know what they’re doing, and to botch up a simple Windows upgrade is awfully amusing. To botch it up and cause BSODs on other computers…. Someone obviously doesn’t know how to write automated unattended installations correctly. Go hither and learn thyself here! Oh wait. That’s open-source. Might scare those MSCEs…
UPDATE: A friend just mentioned that SP2 crashed his computers to BSOD. Could these IT people have REALLY installed SP2 after all the news in the industry warns of the instability? Hmm. Let us ponder.