How the Senate tries to sneak IPPA right under our noses

Join the Fax Brigade and write to your Congressmen about this!
The Intellectual Property Protection Act is basically an omnibus act that takes all of the current bills for copyright protection and sticks it in one. To quote what was in Engadget:

* The Piracy Deterrence and Education creates a new crime of “offering for distribution,” with jail terms up to five years. Since the crime doesn’t require proof of willfulness, the standard for other copyright crime, people could be prosecuted merely for having 1000 songs in their “share” folders, without intending that they be redistributed.

* The Family Movie Act exempts from copyright or trademark litigation the skipping of portions of movies — but leaves makers and users of commercial-skipping technology open to lawsuits like the one that bankrupted ReplayTV.

* The Fraudulent Online Identity Sanctions Act presumes that anyone who has tried to protect his or her privacy by faking the WHOIS info in a domain name registration is willfully infringing copyright or trademark.

* The PIRATE Act authorizes the Justice Department to step in for entertainment companies to prosecute civil copyright infringement cases.

* An anti-counterfeiting provision would add new dangers to fair use of digital media

Strangely enough, I’m surprised TiVo hasn’t launched a major campaign against this. This basically rips their company to shreds.
In any case, PLEASE fill out the form on Public Knowledge. The last thing we need is some old guys that don’t have a clue about technology, stifling it further because they’re in the pockets of the movie/music industry.
(Personal sidebar: our movie industry’s been pumping out so many high-budget junk films that I’ve turned to the lower budget asian films because they actually have “acting” in them. What a waste of money. Not to mention cliche. We gives Oscars to people that move slightly away from the cliche act, and yet Asian films have more drama, action and not as easy to guess the ending. Take a hint, moviegoers and movie industry alike).