I just got word that I’m going to be doing a Cyberguard presentation on Monday the 22nd. The creation of the CYBERGUARD project was to bring into existence of program that trains our youth into being superb IT professionals, instead of the couple these days that I have to deal with who think they are godly because of a few certifications.
Unfortunately, most of the talent in network security lies in the gray area where those that participate in DefCon also are some of the brightest individuals.

You think a DefCon lecture about piggybacking packets to DNS servers coincided with the Akamai crashes a while back? I would venture a thoughtful “no”.
I would really like to re-focus those minds so that they can think outside the box, but not put those kids in jeopardy with the authorities. Perhaps this will give our own government (be it local, state, or federal) a recruiting point instead of those certification happy individuals.
I’m going to have to work to get that website up and find some things for the curriculum…