CYBERGUARD Project to present at Weaver Academy

CYBERGUARD Project is a youth education project aimed at bringing the IT field capable individuals who are able to think outside the box, without getting into legal/moral issues such as hacking/piracy/etc. Although it is an anti-piracy, anti-hacking (malicious), and others, it is much more than that. The project seeks to drive a new generation of network security to do things the right way without getting into trouble. Program is still in beta, but Weaver Academy has graciously allowed the Project to be tested there.
UPDATE: Went very well. Was taken by the response I got from the students and teachers. Looking forward to Phase II Integration.

We shall see where it goes from here. The first seminar curriculum is finally finished. I truly hope that some of the kids will take to this and help finalize this project and find some really good hands-on activities to work on. I would love to see this to completion and find that we’ve brought some capable people into the society, instead of the “Your Company’s Computer Guy” (if you don’t understand, please watch some re-runs of Saturday Night Live).