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Linux wins again: Attacked only 0.26% of the time.

In a blurb on Slashdot, where it says that given a Windows XP SP1 stock load, and a Mac stock load, with a linux stock load, the Windows was exploited on average in about four minutes. FOUR! The linux system was only hit about 0.26% of the time. That’s amazing. And people wonder why the switch to linux wouldn’t be advantageous…

Pro-Ams are the only serious challenge to MS? Dang right they are!

Amazing how it took normal people to finally observe something that us nerds/geeks/and the like have known forever. Here is the UK thinktanks study on Pro-Ams. Slashdot also covers it here.

Bless her heart

Read a link from The Shu on a blog that he’s been following for a while. This gal is exactly the good hearted people that I wish I could meet on a daily basis. Ann has a wonderful story here. Need to find more of these people to join Leadership Greensboro. If half the world felt like she did, we wouldn’t have so many problems. AND she’s a good poet. My hat’s off to you, Ann.

Toshiba gains backing of four studios for HD-DVD

Toshiba, NEC, and Sanyo has the backing of 4 major movie studios (Warner Bros. Studios, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and New Line Cinema) for the HD-DVD technology. With these four studios backing Toshiba, and Sony having its own “studio conglomerate” pushing the Blu-Ray technology, the DVD wars have just been pushed to a new level. The technology itself is very similar being that they both use blue lasers. These lasers have a shorter wave length, which enable the DVD to achieve higher density data.
CNN covers it here.

Paralysis now curable through stem cell research?

In a blurb off Slashdot, a woman that was paralyzed for 20 years can now walk because of stem cells taken from chord blood. Amazing.

Hacking road signs in FL

A couple days ago, there was some news about in FL, there was a roadside sign that was hacked. This is similar to the Boston subway station sign that was hacked a while back about “Pretty girls don’t ride the subway”. Amusing that hacking has been taken to a new level (or new niche market if you will). Here is the photo edited by the NBC affiliate. Article from Engadget.

Microsoft BSODs UK National Health Service

Interesting. 7 upgrades from Microsoft 2000 to Microsoft XP failed. This caused over 60,000 other Windows computers to BSOD. Slashdot covers this story.

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Microsoft Critic gains half of settlement

Now this is interesting. Microsoft paid almost $20 million to the CCIA (Computer and Communications Industry Association) of which Oracle, Yahoo, and Sun Microsystems are on the Board. FT.com recent reported that Ed Black (CCIA president) pocketed at least half of the settlement that was approved by the Board. Rumors are that Nokia left the Board after hearing about the settlement claiming that it was handled improperly.

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Senate passes revised IPPA

The Senate has taken out the anti-fastforwarding part of the bill and also another one where allows the attorney general to pursue civil cases against copyright infringers. Engadget has it here.

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Copyright laws chase Japanese night clubs

Joi Ito mentions that Japanese copyright officials (JASRAC) is now chasing after night clubs that have live bands that do covers.

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